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Jump-start Your Day With This Workout!

Early Bird Gets the Burn Jump-start your day with this just-out-of-bed workout Get up and go. Literally. “If you work out be­fore your day distracts you, your chances of exercising regularly go way up,” says Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., chief science… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Fat Loss Tips

  I promote training for performance as a great way to achieve a healthier, stronger, and leaner physique. I encourage individuals to stop thinking about fat loss, even if that’s their primary goal, and instead focus on getting stronger or improving… Continue Reading →

Venus Factor, The Modern Weight Loss Program

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The Venus Factor is a unique weight loss program for women that claims women can easily lose weight in 7 days. But can the system really work as advertised? Be wary of dishonest reviews posted online. What’s written here: What… Continue Reading →

Goodbye fat, hello Turbulence Training !

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We tend to look for obscure missing components in our diet and supplementation rather than taking a step back to analyze what the real issues behind the problem might be. Many of you would rather Google the latest “fat loss”… Continue Reading →

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