We tend to look for obscure missing components in our diet and supplementation rather than taking a step back to analyze what the real issues behind the problem might be. Many of you would rather Google the latest “fat loss” diet than face up to the reality that your eating habits absolutely suck.

You deny the possibility that it might be the extra snacks you throw back every Friday night after work at happy hour. There’s no way it can be the 4 frozen pizzas you ate throughout the week.

You read somewhere that snacking is good for you, so you graze on “healthy” salted nuts and fat-free pretzels all day. That’s not the problem, you think. It has to be the fact that you aren’t taking any fat burners, right?

Today i’m going to explain the the new and effective way I did lose fat ( I used to have excess fat and tried many ways to get rid of it but i must say Turbulence Training gave me surprisingly good results) but i’ll come back on that later let’s go to my story now.

I used to be always the chubby kid in class and put the blame on my genes. But actually it was just me being not motivated enough to lose weight.

Until one day it really hit me i had enough of my body being like this. I couldn’t get a prom date because i was just not “psychical attractive enough.” (If i look back on it now it was actually the best turning point in my life getting rejected)

The motivation kicked in and I promised myself I will be so attractive that they are going to regret it ! I wanted to change the roles ! (and that’s what happened)


The first months I tried a soup diet, cardio, fat burners , starving myself , …

I did lose some pounds but i was not getting the results i was aiming for. The stubborn fat did not get off and the number on the scale wasn’t dropping fast enough. That’s until one of my good friends told me about Turbulence Training .

First i thought this is crazy because according to Turbulence Training you don’t need to do cardio cause it will ruin your fat loss ratio. Sounds insane right? But seeing the results my friend achieved i thought why not give it a shot?


My life changed completely not only i had to workout less i also lost stubborn fat , my knee pain disappeared and was feeling full of energy at all times. Instead of running hours on a treadmill I started doing the more intensive and fat loss designed Turbulence Workouts. I don’t know how many experts they did put on this program but it helped me tons and the results blew me out of my socks.

Also it fitted my lifestyle perfectly (9 to 5 job with overtime)  so i didn’t always had the time to go to the gym and spend hours working out. Just 3 days a week I did follow the program and i was feeling better than ever. By the time i got fitter i even bumped it to 5 times a week I just wanted more and more. I saw great results and that kept me motivated to push through.

Now i’m finally in shape and happy with the way I look. Turbulence Training did the trick for me (and not all those “magic diets”)

Old friends don’t even recognize me anymore. I must admit it feels good when you hear reactions like: “Huh is that you?” “Wow you really changed a lot!” “You looking good”
And i even got a date with my dream partner. Things have never been better.

If you’re interested you can check out the Turbulence Training Program here